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Ein Motorrad wie noch nie

The NSU-Max-Interessengemeinschaft was established in 1992, founded 40 years after the presentation of the NSU-Max. It is not a club, but a loose association of people who take pleasure to go with such a classic motorcycle or to do handicraft on it. It started with about 50 members, today the number has increased almost tenfold. Max drivers and owners are there worldwide. The NSU-Werke at Neckarsulm were always interested in and outside the Federal Republic of Germany to sell their products. So there are still motorcycles of the brand on all continents. The NSU-Max IG appreciated worldwide as a link of all Max-rider and those who want to be. Our aim is to bring together all the friends of the NSU MAX motorbike from all over the world. We want to provide help with the supply of parts and the exchange of helpful hints. For members we have our own supply of spare parts. Their offer is regularly published in our club magazine.
If possible, each year a club meeting will be held. Each Max-rider is welcome. The meetings are organized by members of the NSU-Max-IG and take place at different locations. Most events have been held in Germany. Exceptions were the Max-Meeting 2007 in Norway and 2015 in the Netherlands.

The NSU-MAX-IG is accepted by the NSU GmbH at Neckarsulm.

Our club magazine "Der Maxfahrer":

Der Maxfahrer is the club magazine of the NSU-MAX-IG. Consisting of aproximately 50 pages per issue every NSU-MAX-IG member can publish his offers, items for sale, items that are needed, helpful hints and all the other stuff relating to the NSU MAX.
Anyone who has paid his annual fee, no matter when, get all magazine issues of the current year!

Der Maxfahrer is published quarterly.

This is the current issue:

Sorry, the Maxfahrer is almost always only printed in German.
The next issue will be published in summer 2024.


Membership fee is € 25,- for one year. This includes the club magazine. Membership is terminated, when the fee isn't paid. For inquiries which require a reply, please include an International Reply Coupon or German stamps for postage.

How to contact the NSU-MAX-IG:

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